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Süddänische Universität in Sønderborg -

Ästhetische Feldforschung & Intervention

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Der Alsion-Komplex am Als-Sund/ Sønderborg

Before my journey I had done some research in the Internet. How does the place ALSION represent itself? The following could be read: “Sonderburg (Danish Sønderborg) is a cosy little port city on the island Als, situated some 40 kilometres northeast of Flensburg and 30 kilometres southeast of Aabenraa. The Alsion is a big new building for the university of the city, which is used as a big auditorium and as a public concert hall.

When I on the Alsion-campus got out of the car, my spontaneous impressions were: a light-fresh breeze, an impressing architecture, the smell of the sea and of smoked fish in the air, the screams of the seagulls over me, fisher boats and sailing yachts on the water, a skyline with brick stone church, bascule bridge, port architecture, storehouses… and a hustle and bustle of coming and leaving (of moving) people, amongst which I entered the building complex “Alsion”.

Inside a massive room opens up for me, I enter the café with its two levels and big window fronts, with spreading trees in the room, with many tables like small islands. Variety, vistas, overlaps, glass, fair faced concrete, constructions, decent colours, bustle of groups and murmur in the room, but also several students with books in the hand or in front of laptops.

I take the glass elevator to four floors, follow corridors to the right and left, pass offices, laboratories, seating groups, technics, lights, voices in different languages. You can feel it everywhere: At this place work is done creatively, you learn and create new things, you select, implement, produce and switch, processes are mediated and knowledge is offered. In the following buildings this knowledge is transformed into business. Research, teaching, application. I am in a technology centre, in which a big concert hall is integrated. Music and knowledge combine all people of all cultures!

Hints, signs, notes, symbols, codes: University of Southern Denmark, NanoSYD, Mads Clausen Institute, Summer School, Academy; and then a title “Stability, reliability and promises of organic systems”, which brings me back to the fundamental question: How does the “identity” of this place define itself, how does this place differentiate itself from other, similar places?" MW - 2014

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